David Beckham Tapped for Project at Disney: What to Expect

David Beckham retired from professional soccer in 2013, but now he will make a return to the [...]

David Beckham retired from professional soccer in 2013, but now he will make a return to the sport, albeit in a different way. He is reportedly partnering with Disney+ for a new show. The legendary player is set to mentor a group of young players in London.

According to Deadline, the project has not officially been greenlighted as of Friday. However, The Sun reported that producers have been casting at Hackney Marshes, "a mecca for grassroots soccer." The Sun also said that Beckham would help guide inner-city youth and help them find success in a variety of ways after he reportedly signed a seven-figure deal. He grew up in the London suburb of Leytonstone and later became a captain for England.

A source close to the situation spoke to The Sun and provided more information about the upcoming series. "David was approached by Disney+ about making the show, and he was very taken with the idea because it really reflects his own experiences growing up," the source said. "Plus, he's still so committed to young talent in the game.

"He will be acting as a mentor figure to a group of young people growing up in the inner cities whose lives are being changed by football," the source continued. "Growing up in London isn't easy, especially in these difficult times. This show reveals the importance of football in giving young people a goal and a sense of community."

According to the source, Disney thought that Beckham was an ideal mentor for the group of young players in London. The reason is that he "came from nothing" and became one of the most famous people in the world. He also enjoyed a long and successful career in professional soccer, including 265 appearances for Manchester United.

"He'll be seen helping to inspire and encourage these youngsters on their own individual journeys," the source said. "It was a huge coup for Disney to get David on board. For him, it's about sharing his passion for the game and helping these youngsters out as much as he can."

There are current COVID-19 restrictions that are reportedly delaying filming on the series. However, the restrictions are beginning to ease. For example, schools and colleges are set to open on Monday. The restrictions will then allow groups of up to 15 people to meet, starting on March 29. However, the number of coronavirus cases will play a role in any changes.