Former 'Dancing With the Stars' Host Erin Andrews Shows Fans What's in Her Fridge

Erin Andrews is one of the busiest people working in television. A former host for Dancing With the Stars, she is also a sideline reporter for FOX Sports and travels to two different NFL games each and every week of the season. Staying healthy and at the top of her game is critical, and Andrews achieves this with the help of certain foods.

The longtime reporter recently provided fans with some insight into her refrigerator via Women's Health. She isn't regularly at home due to her schedule, as well as that of her husband, NHL player Jarret Stoll. It can be difficult to keep the refrigerator stocked, but Andrews ensures that there are certain key items always on hand — ones that don't easily perish. "We like to keep what we call the 'bare essentials' in our fridge, so I'll give you a peek of what those are," she explained in the recent video.

The video tour showcased multiple important items that Andrews and Stoll have to keep around throughout the week. Some of those requirements are milk, bottled water, probiotics for their dog and creamer for their coffee. She also said that they go with yogurt in the morning when they aren't eating turkey bacon and eggs.

As part of the refrigerator tour, Andrews provided a revelation about herself and her husband. She said that they were not great about expiration dates. She specifically mentioned some ribs that were roughly five years old. However, Andrews did say that they have gotten better recently.

Stoll is a professional athlete and Andrews is someone in very good shape, and the food in their refrigerator reflects this fact. Although the amount of healthy items doesn't mean that they avoid treats. Andrews showed off multiple bottles of wine, as well as a drawer full of sugary snacks.


"This is my husband's goodie drawer," Andrews said. "He's got his gummy bears, Canadian chocolate bars — which are obscenely huge and crazy — fruit snacks." Andrews then detailed the family's love of cheese. She said that they finished off all of their cheese while watching Monday Night Football.

Andrews joked about the number of sugary snacks that her husband keeps around, but she ultimately proved that she wasn't exaggerating. She opened a random crisper drawer at the bottom of the refrigerator and found even more treats. She pulled out a massive bag of single-serve M&Ms, which she said were for "you know who."