'DWTS' Co-Host Erin Andrews Talks Sideline Reporting, Facing Cancer on Kevin Hart's YouTube Show

Three episodes into season three of Cold As Balls, host/comedian Kevin Hart is turning heads with the sheer variety of guests and their diverse backgrounds. Dennis Rodman and Chris Paul were both featured, but now Hart is discussing a different side of sports. On this week's episode of Laugh Out Loud's Cold As Balls, Hart interviews Dancing With the Stars co-host and FOX Sports sideline reporter Erin Andrews.

Interestingly enough, the veteran reporter in Andrews actually kept this from becoming a traditional question and answer segment. She confronted Hart about his alleged drunken attempt to celebrate the Super Bowl LII victory with the Philadelphia Eagles and also asked about an interview that he conducted with Oprah.

However, the segment was not all jokes and laughter as Hart asked Andrews about having to face cervical cancer. She was originally diagnosed in 2016 but was back to work and covering a Packers game less than three weeks later.

As Andrews explained, she actually faced cancer privately. She did not stop working as a sideline reporter, and she didn't tell anyone. One reason is that football is an escape for her. She was told by the doctors to stay away from Dancing With the Stars and NFL football, but she couldn't do as they requested.

Andrews also revealed that it would have been all too easy to play the victim while facing cancer, but this is something that she wanted to avoid based on some past experiences. Now, she chooses to avoid being a victim, even when times are tough.

Of course, having Andrews on hand for an interview means that a wild postgame discussion with former Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman must be discussed. Back in the 2013 NFC Championship game, the outspoken defender made a play to stop a 49ers drive and send his team to the Super Bowl. Instead of discussing this play, however, he opted to call wide receiver Michael Crabtree "sorry" while amid a massive rant.

"When he made the game-saving play to take the Seattle Seahawks to the Super Bowl, he made the play against [former 49ers receiver] Michael Crabtree," Andrews said. "I ran up to him, and I said 'take me through that play.' ... I said 'take me through that play,' and he started going off about Michael Crabtree. So after that all happened, he walked away, and I just sat there and was like 'oh my God. Oh my God. I can't believe that just happened. It was so freaking awesome.'"


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(Photo Credit: Laugh Out Loud)