Cris Cyborg Breaks Silence After Being Released From UFC, Skull Photo Goes Viral

Mixed-martial artist, Cris Cyborg is speaking out after her sudden release from UFC and the viral video that shows her and UFC President Dana White in a tense exchange. In a statement published to her Twitter account, the 34-year-old athlete confessed that that video of her and White was edited by her team and not the true representation of the conversation. She apologized to White and took "full responsibility for the actions that resulted" from the clip being uploaded.

In the original clip, it was edited in a way that made White appear to say that he was not telling "the truth" when publicly discussing Cyborg. However, Cyborg also posted the unedited clip which shows that he actually said that his public comments aren't meant to be interpreted as "negative things" about Cyborg.

The whole conversation stemmed from Cyborg's desire for a rematch with UFC Women's Featherweight champion Amanda Nunes in the the wake of her victory over Felicia Spencer at UFC 240.

"You know I text you for the rematch. You know this. Stop lying about it," Cyborg said in the video, per "What you are saying that I don't want to fight. You know that I want to fight and I'm not scared."

White responded, "I'm not lying about it. I don't know if you know how it played out with management and whatever but we want to do that fight. I want to do that fight right now. We'll get it done."

Cyborg's snafu also comes as a photo of her after the Nunes fight went viral.

Graphic content ahead, reader discretion is advised.

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The selfie showed a deep gash in her forehead as she cracked a smile for her followers.


"I could see my skull after #UFC240! Guess how many stitches this cut required in the comments and then click the link in my IG bio to see how many the doctor gave me!" she wrote.

White and UFC have not responded to Cyborg's apology as of press time.