Cowboys QB Dak Prescott 'Is Done' Talking After Bills Loss

Sitting at 6-6 following a Thanksgiving loss to the Buffalo Bills, the Dallas Cowboys are at the proverbial crossroads. Piling up some wins will guarantee a playoff spot while another loss could knock them out of the playoff race entirely. The members of the roster have reiterated that they need to perform better on each side of the ball, but quarterback Dak Prescott is done talking.

“Talk is cheap, right," Prescott said to reporters on Monday, per The Dallas Morning News. “We’ve talked a lot. We’ve talked a bunch and got ourselves right to where we are. In a moment like this, I say, ‘hell with the talking. I’m going to do more. I’m going to work harder.’"

As he explained, it's critical to put your head down and work harder in order to achieve victory each week and remain alive in the playoff hunt. Losing multiple games to finish out the season could result in some players or members of the coaching staff losing their jobs. This is one reason why Prescott is dedicating himself to getting better in the very near future. If he inspires another member of the team, then so be it.

“If you’re a young guy looking for somebody to figure it out, how to do it, yeah, look at me and some of these other guys because that’s exactly what we’re doing," Prescott continued. "Putting our head down, focusing, and doubling down on ourselves."

Following the loss to the Bills, there were some concerns about the Cowboys' locker room, especially after reports surfaced that defensive end Michael Bennett was yelling at his teammates. However, it was later revealed that the former Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots defender was delivering a fiery speech to help his team get back on the right track.

As Prescott revealed on Monday, he believes that there is a time and place for these types of fiery speeches, but he is one that has always preferred to lead by example. Although he did give a speech to the team during a walkthrough.

“They have their times," Prescott said. “But if you need to be fired up at 6-6, this isn’t the locker room for you."


With four games remaining on the schedule, the Dallas Cowboys are running out of time to secure a spot in the playoffs and prove that they can be a top contender during the postseason. Prescott says that it's time to stop talking, and Thursday's game against the Chicago Bears will be his first opportunity to showcase this new mindset.

(Photo Credit: Wesley Hitt/Getty)