Conor McGregor's New Snapchat Docuseries, 'Conor McGregor Vs The World,' Set to Premiere Saturday

MMA fans are about to see Conor McGregor in a brand new way. On Saturday, Snapchat will premiere McGregor's new docuseries, Conor McGregor Vs The World. It will air only on Snapchat's Discover page and tells the story of how McGregor went from working as a plumber's apprentice in Ireland to becoming a UFC legend.

Conor McGregor Vs The World will consist eight episodes and will feature interviews from Jamie Kavanagh (Pro Boxer), Dave Hill (Pro MMA Fighter), Ewan Mackenna (Author, Chaos Is A Friend Of Mine: The Conor McGregor Story), Jack Encarnaceo (Fmr. MMA Reporter, Boston Herald), Khaled Beydoun (Boxing Journalist/Co-Director, Keith Center For Social Justice), John Morgan (Lead Staff Reporter, USA Today/MMA Junkie), Jourdan Kerl (ESports Journalist) and Ray Sedaghi (Floyd Mayweather's Bodyguard). This is the second season of Vs The World with the first season featuring rapper Tekashi 69.

It has been an interesting year for McGregor. In January, the former UFC Champion returned to the octagon after being out of action for over a year and defeated Donald Cerrone. However, after looking to fight either Justin Gaethje or Khabib Nurmagomedov, McGregor announced his retirement for the third time in June. He went to Twitter to share the news but didn't reveal a reason for leaving MMA.

"Hey guys I've decided to retire from fighting," McGregor wrote on Twitter. "Thank you all for the amazing memories! What a ride it's been! Here is a picture of myself and my mother in Las Vegas post one of my World title wins! Pick the home of your dreams Mags I love you! Whatever you desire it's yours."

"Yes, he is as far as I can tell. It's what he said, isn't it!?" McGregor's longtime coach John Kavanagh said shortly after the announcement. "I can't convince Conor to do s—. Conor will tell Conor what he's gonna do and who knows what's gonna happen in the future. On Friday, McGregor went to Twitter to show that the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) sent him a testing kit since he's still in the testing pool because he hasn't filled out his retirement papers yet, according to ESPN.


"What's going on here [UFC?]" McGregor wrote. "USADA have just arrived to my yacht this morning for testing? I've retired guys! But go on then, I'll allow them test me. It's all natural here baby! Forever and always, God Bless. 180km across the Mediterranean Sea tomorrow! LET'S GO!!"