UFC Fighter Conor McGregor Makes Bold Claim About Floyd Mayweather Fight, Calls for 'Part 2'

Boxing legend Mike Tyson recently spoke about Conor McGregor's 2017 boxing match against Floyd Mayweather. The UFC star lost, but Tyson still had high praise for his performance. McGregor has since gone back and rewatched his foray into the boxing ring, and he believes that he won several rounds.

The Irishman drew attention on Monday with his comments about the boxing match. He said that the early rounds were all his and that he also "outlanded" Mayweather during the back half of the fight despite having tired legs. McGregor also said that he is excited for part two, which continued a recent trend. He has been calling for a rematch against Mayweather since losing via TKO, and this has only increased in frequency following Tyson's comments.

Following these comments on Twitter, several fans and critics alike weighed in on the 2017 fight. Several wholeheartedly agreed with McGregor and believed that he would defeat Mayweather in a rematch. Many others were far less convinced and said that the undefeated boxer would "dust" his UFC opponent.

While the users on Twitter have continued to debate whether or not McGregor won any of the 10 rounds, Tyson is less concerned about that aspect of the fight. He is just impressed that the Irishman had made the transition from the octagon to the boxing ring and had lasted 10 rounds against one of boxing's biggest stars.

"Imagine a guy never had a boxing match, and he's fighting boxing with me. He goes 10 rounds, and he's fighting me, and we're fighting," Tyson recently said about McGregor during an episode of Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson. Imagine if he did, and we're fighting, and I'm doing my thing," Tyson continued. "That's a bad motherf—er. First fight, 10 rounds with the champ, the best champ in the last 50 years or something like that. That's the winner of the fight! That's the winner. This should've been a one round, two-round fight. Floyd should've took it easy. He had to sweat; he had to fight him. He had to fight somebody who was throwing back."


Will a rematch between the two stars happen? The answer is unknown, but McGregor is entirely convinced. He spoke with ESPN's Ariel Helwani before his fight against Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone and said that this fight would happen. He also said that he would like to face off with Manny Pacquiao if Mayweather doesn't want a rematch.

Additionally, UFC president Dana White struck a "handshake deal" with Mayweather for a future match while sitting courtside at an NBA game. This does not guarantee that the boxer will be facing off with McGregor, but White said that he and Mayweather have plans to figure something out. His proposed timeline was "sometime in the fall."