Conor McGregor Denies Allegation of Attempted Sexual Assault Following Arrest

Former UFC fighter Conor McGregor was recently arrested in Corsica on charges of attempted sexual assault and alleged indecent exposure, per Yahoo News. The incident allegedly occurred at a bar, but McGregor is denying the accusations. A representative for him released a statement and confirmed that the Irishman is no longer in custody.

"Conor Mcgregor vigorously denies any accusations of misconduct," a representative for the MMA fighter said, per TMZ. "He has been interviewed and released." French officials said that they took McGregor into custody on Saturday and questioned him in Corsica about the alleged incidents. A court official also sent a statement to the Agence France-Presse and confirmed the arrest.

"Following a complaint filed on September 10 denouncing acts that could be described as attempted sexual assault and sexual exhibition, Mr. Conor Anthony Mac Gregor was the subject of a hearing by the gendarmerie services," the prosecutors said. The statement did not detail the alleged offenses committed by McGregor.

News of McGregor's arrest follows him teasing a return to the UFC. The Irishman said that a USADA official had come onto his yacht to conduct a drug test. McGregor and his fiance, Dee Devlin, have spent recent weeks sailing around the Mediterranean Sea. Still, a return to the octagon appeared to be on the horizon after he posted photos of the test and called out past opponent Nate Diaz.

McGregor retired from the UFC — for the third time — in early June. He announced the news with a photo of him and his mother in Las Vegas after one of his wins and said, "what a ride it's been." He did not give a reason at the time for his exit from the UFC, but some fans doubted the authenticity. They cited his previous two retirements as the reason for wanting to take a "wait-and-see" approach with the news.


"Hey guys I've decided to retire from fighting," McGregor wrote. "Thank you all for the amazing memories! What a ride it's been! Here is a picture of myself and my mother in Las Vegas post one of my World title wins! Pick the home of your dreams Mags I love you! Whatever you desire it's yours."

McGregor has remained away from the UFC while sailing around the Mediterranean Sea, but many fans expected him to ultimately head back to Las Vegas or Fight Island for a bout. Now, however, he will first face serious allegations.