'College GameDay' Not Airing Today, and Football Fans Are Not OK

With the weekend officially in action, football fans around the country headed to the couch to see [...]

With the weekend officially in action, football fans around the country headed to the couch to see who the guest picker on College GameDay would be. However, they were greeted by the news that the popular ESPN show was not on. Saturday would instead be marked by three NFL games taking place, which was upsetting to many on social media.

According to the official College GameDay Twitter account, this will be the first time in 17 weeks that the popular preview show is not on the air. Hosts Kirk Herbstreit, Lee Corso, Desmond Harris, and Rece Davis will be nowhere to be found. Neither will Chip Gaines and Joanna Gaines or any of the celebrity guests.

"I don't care how many weeks are in the season on the calendar, I swear it gets shorter every year," one fan wrote on Twitter while posting a sad face emoji. Others simply responded with animated Gifs of crying children.

While many football fans were content to simply voice their sadness on social media, others went a different route. One fan, in particular, even proposed that college football lasts all year.

"Who do I have to talk to, to make college football an all year long thing?" the fan asked. This was a popular sentiment among users on social media given the popularity of the ESPN show, as well as the action that follows.

Interestingly enough, some fans were frustrated by the lack of College GameDay. As they pointed out, there are bowl games taking place on Saturday. Boise State and the University of Washington are playing in the Las Vegas Bowl, one of the six games airing.

For example, Antonio Brown's alma mater, Central Michigan, will be playing San Diego State in the New Mexico Bowl. This isn't as high profile of a matchup as LSU vs. Alabama, but the fans would have still preferred to see the ESPN crew previewing the big on-field battles.

Ultimately, ESPN gave the College GameDay hosts some time off, so they won't be gracing TV screens around the country while previewing the Saturday Bowl Games. Corso will not be donning a Washington Huskies head to show his faith in Chris Petersen's team, nor will he draw criticism for choosing an upset in a different battle.

Photo Credit: Steve Limentani/ISI Photos/Getty