College Football Fans Are Losing It After Seeing USC's Low Recruiting Class Ranking

The University of Southern California Trojans football team has a rich tradition of winning. The Trojans have won 11 national titles, 39 conference titles and they had six players win the Heisman Trophy (with one additional winner that was vacated). Fans are confused as to why the team is struggling when it comes to recruiting? National Signing Day started on Wednesday and 247Sports listed Trojans with the 77th best-recruiting class in the country. At one point in the day, USC was ranked 85th right behind Georgia State.

Fans and writers couldn't believe it and they sounded off on Twitter.

"The Troy Trojans (my school's rivals) have a better class than the USC Trojans (my favorite team) I hate everything," one fan wrote.

"What's the most embarrassing is how Alabama, Ohio State, LSU, Clemson and Oregon no longer fear recruiting Southern California kids," another fan wrote. "They used to not even bother, knowing they were not getting anyone away from USC."

"USC football is now irrelevant," another fan added.


One fan realizes the class is not as strong as it has been in the last few years, writing: "I mean these guys are an inch from being 4 stars. If you go by the average recruit rating. But ya. This class is bad compared to what we are used to."

In 2019, the Trojans finished with an 8-4 record and will play Iowa in the Holiday Bowl. In 2018, the team was 5-7 and missed out on a bowl game. Things have to get better for the Trojans or it could be a long 2020 season.