Golden Gloves Boxer Claire Quinn Beats Man Who Punched and Tried to Rob Her

Claire Quinn, a Chicago boxer, took down a man down after he attacked her. As reported by the Chicago Tribune, a man attacked Quinn from behind as he punched her in the head and then demanded her phone. Claire, a Golden Gloves champion, fired back as she started punching him in the groin. The two exchanged punches while the man tried to take the phone. Ultimately, Quinn stood her ground and the man ran away with nothing.

"I was like, 'Aw, heck no,'" Quinn said in a phone interview with the Chicago Tribune. "He punched me the one time really hard, and then after that, I just kept throwing my right hand into his groin."

The attack was planned as Quinn was stopped by a teenager before the older man punched her. Police confirmed the attack but no arrest have been made.

“Eventually I connected enough that he stumbled away from me,” Quinn added.

Quinn, 26, started boxing in 2015 after having knee surgery. It was recommended by her father who is into combat sports. From there, Quinn started training and she has a 6-0 record so far this year in the 152-pound weight class.

Along with boxing, Quinn has taken self-defense classes to learn other ways to defend herself.

“If I’m gonna be defined, it’s going to be as the girl who punched the guy in the d—. It’s not gonna be, ‘Oh, she was a wimp. She was a victim of a crime,’” Quinn said to Block Club Chicago. “If anything, I’ll let it define me as something powerful to make other women feel powerful. To help them find confidence to not let guys f— with them.”

Miguel Martinez, Quinn's trainer, said that she suffered a mild concussion during the attack, but did not seek medical treatment. He also said that Quinn went to the gym to train shortly later that day.


"Ninety-nine percent of people do not know how to fight," Martinez said FOX32. "They do not know how to react in a street fight. She's a trained boxer, she's been working on these skills for years now, and any time that she gets in that situation, she's calm, cool, collected, and able to react accordingly so she protected herself very well."

Quinn is currently resting in Florida which is where her parents stay.