Watch: C.J. and Tucker Beathard Bonded With Brother Clayton in July Jam Session Ahead of Young Athlete's Murder

With the news that Clayton Beathard had passed away after a fatal stabbing incident, extra [...]

With the news that Clayton Beathard had passed away after a fatal stabbing incident, extra attention has been paid to his family and the relationships therein. He was the younger brother of San Francisco 49ers quarterback C.J. and country music singer Tucker. The trio were reportedly close and often spent time together. This was recently proven true with an old Instagram post.

Back in July, C.J. posted two videos on social media that showed him and his two brothers playing music outside of Nashville. Two brothers were on the guitar while another was on the drums. The trio showed off their musical acumen with solos and some fast-paced songs.

"Jamming with the bros. Been a while since our last show, I'm feeling a comeback," C.J. wrote in the caption on Instagram. "Ha just kidding [Tucker, Clay]."

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The roles were not defined in the post, but it appeared from the partially blurry video that Clayton was on one guitar while C.J. was on another. Tucker was keeping the beat on the drum set.

While both Clayton and C.J. were better known for playing football, they do come from a family that has also turned heads with musical performances. Their father, Casey, is a longtime singer-songwriter based out of Nashville. He has worked with Eric Church, Darius Rucker, and Kenny Chesney while writing some of country music's biggest songs.

Only Tucker followed the music business like his father, but all three sons showed during this jam session that they could impress with various musical instruments. This ability to work together in creating music also helped the country musician in Tucker. In fact, he once told that his family has been integral to the writing process due to the honest feedback that they provided.

"My dad, my mom, and my four siblings have already become this family fan base for me," Tucker said back in 2016. "The cool thing is that they have no problem telling you if a song is dumb. We're all best friends."

With the tragic event taking place on Saturday morning in Tennessee, these jam sessions will no longer be possible, but the happy memories will still remain for the Beathard family. The videos will also provide evidence of the good times that they had near Nashville over the summer.

Photo Credit: Erika Goldring/Getty