Chicago Bears Legend Dick Butkus Wastes Little Time Attacking Aaron Rodgers After Joining Twitter

While the Green Bay Packers have been the foil for the Chicago Bears on the football field year after year, it didn't use to be that way. The rivalry was once be heated and competitive and featured names like Dick Butkus taking the field to slam through offenses.

Butkus has not forgotten and still keeps the rivalry alive, using his verification on Twitter as the perfect opportunity to fire a salvo. Of course, you have to keep in mind he's also a bit older too.

"Now that i have the blue mark i can kick people off of the platfrom right," Butkus wrote with his first verified tweet. "you hear me [Aaron Rodgers]?" Fans chimed in below, with Butkus weighing in and chatting with them as more came in to comment. While the Bears legend directly tagged Rodgers, it isn't likely to see him responding any time soon. The star QB and MVP is likely too busy preparing for the Packers matchup against the 49ers Saturday.

Butkus also took a few shots at Packers fans throughout his posts and replies. "[Also] sorry to disappoint some of you packers fans now that im trendy its not becuase im dead," Butkus wrote, addressing his status as a trending topic on social media and Google. Given recent breaking news, Butkus taking a personal route to address the trending topic is helpful.

He played nine seasons in the NFL with the Chicago Bears. Butkus was voted to eight Pro Bowls and named All-Pro five times across his career. Butkus entered the Hall of Fame in 1979 and the team retired his number 51.


The inclusion of Rodgers in his online trolling has a double effect. On the face, it is calling out the quarterback of your hated rival in a fun celebratory tweet after being verified. But there is also the controversy surrounding Rodgers and his vaccination status. While the discourse has quieted down since Rodgers claimed to be "canceled" and considered himself a victim of the "woke mob." Despite this, he continued to speak out and appear on podcasts, even praising Joe Rogan as his unofficial medical guide at one point.

Rodgers continued to defend himself Friday during an interview with ESPN over the phone. For the quarterback, he didn't want to "aplogize for being myself."