Chad Johnson Speaks out on Hospitalization Mixup With Hilarious Response

Former NFL star Chad Johnson had to set the record straight about a situation concerning him being in the hospital. TMZ recently reported the Johnson was taken to the hospital after police reported to his house for a welfare check. However, it was not the Johnson who was a standout wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals, it was the Johnson who starred on the ABC show The Bachelorette. Fans thought it was the former Bengals receiver, but he let everyone know that he is okay. He also had a hilarious response to his fans about the mixup.

NFL fans are happy to see that Johnson is healthy and safe.

There are also some fans that think the 42-year old was going to make a comeback. Back in January, Johnson was considering joining the XFL as a kicker.

"The opportunity to kick in the XFL has presented itself, I must tryout Monday in Houston, I'm excited as hell & I'm sure all will go well," he wrote on Twitter.

In a follow-up tweet, Johnson wrote: "Pretty far fetched but imagine me being consistent during an XFL season & getting a chance at a 53 man roster in the NFL, even I don't make it just being able to compete for a spot at an entirely different position will be so riveting."

Johnson played in the NFL from 2001-2012. The Bengals recently caught up with the Oregon State alum, and he's happy the way his career played out.

"Never had any regrets. Never have," Johnson said. "I enjoyed my career the exact way I did it. If I was able to do it again, I'd probably do it the same way. Plus a little bit more. Bleep, yeah. Bleep, yeah."


Johnson was named to the Pro Bowl six times and he was named to the All-Pro Team four times. He has the credentials to reach the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but he believes that it will be a challenge because of how he played the game.

"Politically, the way I played the game is frowned upon. Nothing I can do about that," Johnson said. "At some point I will get in (the Hall) because the numbers are there. Look at the era I played in. You could actually play football. The defenses the Steelers and Ravens had that I had to deal with and still be productive consistently while I'm talking trash? That's difficult."