Camille Kostek Opens up About Hosting 'Wipeout' Reboot on TBS (Exclusive)

Camille Kostek has been waiting for an opportunity like this. The hit game show Wipeout is [...]

Camille Kostek has been waiting for an opportunity like this. The hit game show Wipeout is returning and Kostek will be a field host. had a chance to catch up with the 28-year-old host, model and actress who said she is hosting something that she always wanted to do.

"I have been doing hosting since I was in the seventh grade," Kostek said in our series, PopCulture @ Home. "I was the girl reporting the morning news, letting you know what the weather of the day was and what we are going to have for lunch. I was really setting myself up for ultimately having a life like this." Wipeout's original version aired from 2008 to 2014 on ABC and was a big hit as competitors attempt to run through obstacles without wiping out. The reboot of Wipeout will air on TBS and will have the same elements as the ABC version.

"I think what's the best part about hosting Wipeout is that you can't not laugh when you watch the show," Kostek said, who was on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue in 2019. "It's so relatable. I've been doing hosting stuff for a really long time through middle school, through high school, I did some internships, declared my major as communications and television production in college and did internships after that." She went on to say she has hosted various sports and red carpets events as well as done a lot of auditions for different shows. She stated that Wipeout "is the one" while also noting that "kids and adults and grandparents and all people alike can tune in and have a good time watching this."

Joining Kostek on Wipeout will be John Cena and Nicole Byer. Both will be taking over the hosting duties for John Anderson and John Henson. "They are just balls of fun, balls of personality," Kostek said when talking about Cena and Byer. "We are so alike in the sense that we want to bring laughter and happiness to people watching. But we also want to have our own flair in the show and our own say."

The air date of Wipeout has yet to be announced. But Kostek promises the fans of the original show will love the new version. "If it's not broke, don't fix it," she said when talking about the differences between the shows. "The colors are definitely a lot more vibrant and amazing. I don't know if much has changed other than new personalities. We all here just to have a good time and watch these guys have these epic fails."