John Cena, Nicole Byer to Host 'Wipeout' Revival Series on TBS

Wipeout is getting a revival series on TBS, and John Cena and Nicole Byer will be handling hosting duties! In a statement shared by Deadline, Cena commented on his new gig, expressing his sheer excitement: "I couldn't be more excited for what’s in store for this radically absurd show that has its own fair share of legendary faceplants. The power of Wipeout is its ability to gather people of all backgrounds for fast-paced, physical FUN!"

Cena continued: "I look forward to seeing fan responses both new and existing. This'll be a hosting experience, unlike anything I've ever done! I can't wait to get started in rooting for our contestants!" Byer echoed his sentiments, sharing how more than "ever," the show is needed for its laughs. "There's nothing funnier than people falling over giant red balls. Wipeout is truly insane, and I'm tickled to be a part of this beloved show's comeback."

In addition to Byer and Cena, Camille Kostek (I Feel Pretty) will serve as Host in the Field, covering how the contestants progress through each round of the game.

Matt Kunitz, creator/showrunner/executive producer of Wipeout, commented on the news, saying, "We couldn't be more excited to have John, Nicole and Camille take charge of this outrageously unpredictable, family-friendly competition series. Having a sports titan and movie star next to an Emmy-nominated comedy star, alongside a seasoned co-host, they'll complement one another with their own fantastic qualities and humor while livening the already extreme setting of Wipeout."


"Wipeout has always delivered a great deal of light and laughter in dark times – whether that was in 2008 when it first premiered in the midst of a massive recession or now again, in 2020," added Corie Henson, EVP, Head of Unscripted for TNT, TBS and truTV. "This is one show that brings people together – regardless of age, race or politics. With megastar John Cena and hilarious Emmy nominee Nicole Byer, and with the help of rising star, Camille Kostek, as our host in the field, Wipeout is going to be bigger, badder and ballsier than ever before."

The original Wipeout aired on ABC from 2008 to 2014, running for seven seasons, and a grand total of 130 episodes.