Cam Newton Says Joining Patriots Is a 'Breath of Fresh Air'

Cam Newton is ready for his next chapter in his NFL career. After getting cut by the Carolina Panthers in March, the 2015 NFL MVP signed a one-year deal with the New England Patriots back in June. Newton spoke to reporters on Friday and is ready for a new beginning.

"It's just a breath of fresh air to be honest with you," Newton said when asked about joining the Patriots and attempting to replacing Tom Brady. "It's a challenge that I have to expect each and every day. But no challenge is ever gonna be greater than the challenge, a personal challenge, that I challenge myself personally. We all know what that was and what that is and it needs no mention."

Newton also said that he has his "hands full with trying to learn as much ... in a short period of time." It's important for him to learn as much as possible because he is in a situation where he needs to beat out two other quarterbacks for the starting position. However, he's getting a ton of help from Jarrett Stidham and Brian Hoyer as they try to speed him up on the offense. "Getting assistance from Hoyster (Hoyer), as well as Stiddy (Stidham). You know, those guys have been unbelievable throughout this process, too," Newton said.

Newton had a lot of success in Carolina, but things didn't end well for him. In 2019, Newton only played in two games due to an injured foot, and he knew his time with the Panthers was over when the team signed Teddy Bridgewater to a three-year contract. Newton, who has dealt with injuries in the last two years, is ready to show everyone he still the same player he was when he led the Panthers to a Super Bowl appearance nearly five years ago.


"I don't have to prove nothing, because at the end of the day, especially not to nobody," Newton explained. "Now I have to prove it to myself, that's a daily challenge and I don't think nobody's expectations will ever surpass my expectations for myself. I'm just looking forward to the challenge and knowing and picking up this whole system, not only the philosophical way of the offense, but also how things are ran."