Browns Fan Brad Paisley Says Pittsburgh Will Never Forgive Myles Garrett

Country music superstar Brad Paisley is a Cleveland Browns fan, but that doesn't mean that he is turning a blind eye to the actions of defender Myles Garrett. In fact, he even proclaimed that he wished Garrett "hadn't done what he did," in reference to hitting Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph over the head with his own helmet.

During a recent sidewalk interview with TMZ Sports, Paisley weighed in on the Thursday night brawl between the Steelers and Browns, as well as Garrett's hit. For the musician, he simply wants to know what Garrett was thinking during this on-field incident. He has heard that the defender is a good guy. Although he did shy away from saying that he would invite Garrett over for Thanksgiving dinner.

One side effect of this brawl, which Paisley mentioned, is that Pittsburgh will likely never forgive Garrett for this incident. Although he certainly believes that the Browns and the fans will be far more welcoming to the defender upon his return from suspension.

Originally a resident of West Virginia, Paisley has been a diehard Browns fan for most of his life. As he explained when he appeared on HBO's Hard Knocks prior to the 2018 season, the country singer has actually been a fan of the Cleveland Browns since third grade. In fact, he even provided a brief pep talk to the team during training camp.

During this appearance at practice, Paisley met with various members of the team, including then-rookie Baker Mayfield. He also compared the young quarterback to Hall of Famer Brett Favre due to his arm talent, mannerisms, and the way that he led the practice session.

As of Tuesday, Garrett is suspended indefinitely by the NFL, but he is scheduled to meet with appeals officer James Thrash on Wednesday to potentially have this reduced to a finite number of games. As NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said following the suspension, Garrett will have to show remorse for his action. Additionally, he will have to prove to the league that he understands why his hit on Rudolph is not acceptable.


Whether or not Garrett wins his appeal, he will still miss time as part of a suspension. The only question is for how long. As for Paisley, he will support the NFL's decision. "He (Garrett) needs to serve that time, whatever they decide that is," he said to TMZ Sports.

(Photo Credit: Kevin Kane/Getty)