Watch: Brilliant Kid Figures out How to Practice Goalkeeping While in Self-Quarantine

Remaining at home in self-quarantine during the COVID-19 outbreak has become the top priority around the world as people try to limit the spread of the virus. However, following the recommended practices also means that some athletes have to find inventive ways to keep their skills fresh. One young soccer player did just that when he set up a net to practice being a goalie.

A video surfaced on Twitter recently that showed a young soccer player in the backyard of his home. He had set up a soccer net mere feet from the back wall. This didn't provide much room for navigating, but he had a plan. The soccer player kicked the ball against the ball and then tried to prevent it from going into the net. He was successful on some attempts but barely missed the ball on others.

"What a legend!!!! I don't know how we're gonna be able to do it but I'm gonna have to put a training session on for ya!!!! Keep going mate I love it," Ben Foster, a member of England's national soccer team, wrote after watching the young goalkeeper. He was one of the many viewers impressed with the child's dedication to his craft.

Several other professional soccer players showed their support for the young goalkeeper, writing that this was a great way to build up hand-eye coordination or telling him that this video was impressive. Pro:Direct Soccer, an online retailer of gear, said that they would be hooking up the young player with some gear to help him in his training.

Remaining in self-quarantine hasn't provided many opportunities for athletes to practice their skills, but the young goalkeeper was proving that he could think outside of the box and continue practicing. His efforts were noticed and appreciated by many.


There have been varying reports about the length of time that people will need to be in self-quarantine due to the coronavirus concerns. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said on March 22 that one scenario is 10 to 12 weeks. If this timeline holds true, the young soccer player will have ample time to continue practicing his goalkeeping skills.

Photo Credit: David Madison/Getty Images