Big E Wins WWE Championship, But Will He Face Goldberg?

Big E is finally on top. The WWE Superstar defeated Bobby Lashey on Monday night to win the WWE Championship. Fans have been waiting for Big E to get his moment, and now the question is, who will he face in his first title defense? It's likely Lashley will get the first shot at Big E so he can have a rematch. But could Goldberg be in the mix as well? 

Big E has made it clear he wants to face Goldberg in a dream match. And with Goldberg always competing for either the Universal or WWE Championship, it would make sense for that to happen. Back in early 2020, Big E went viral for describing his dream match with Goldberg. And when Goldberg appeared on The Bump shortly after the video, he said he's up for the match. 

"Let's be perfectly honest. A different era of Goldberg would match up against anybody," Goldberg said, per "The question is, could this era of Goldberg match up still with people and have it be interesting? I think the answer is absolutely yes. I think Big E could bring some stuff out of me that I would want to do just to make Big E proud of me, right?  

"So, the story goes with Big E and I, is that the only match that I ever was late for, or that I missed in WCW coming up, was a match that I called in and told them I couldn't catch the plane 'cause I was at a signing. And I had to stay until everybody was taken care of. Big E was one of the kids I stayed for. OK? So I'll never forget his face. I'll never forget that day. And the fact that I made a positive impression upon somebody like that who's been so successful at what they do, it's an honor and a privilege for me."

 Big E, 35, won the WWE Championship after cashing in his Money in the Bank contract, allowing him to face the WWE Champion anytime within a year. Along with winning the WWE Championship, Big E is a two-time Intercontinental Champion, NXT Champion and has won a total of 8 Tag Team Championships with New Day members Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods.