Baker Mayfield Promotes Meals on Wheels Charity Work Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield spent part of his college career in Norman, Oklahoma, [...]

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield spent part of his college career in Norman, Oklahoma, and appreciates the support he felt from the fans and residents alike. With COVID-19 concerns rising across the country, he is worried about those that could be at risk. Mayfield will be looking to offset any potential issues by donating to hunger relief in Norman.

The former first overall pick posted a video on social media, revealing that he will be donating 3,500 to Meals on Wheels of Norman. He will also be partnering with TownHall in Cleveland to provide 8,000 meals for St. Augustine Hunger Center. As he explained in his videos, Mayfield wants to make it where those that are risk do not have to leave their homes in order to purchase groceries.

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"I just want to say I'm donating just to help them with the resources that they can keep pushing forward and doing the right thing within the area," Mayfield said. "You guys can help, too. They need canned items, disposable gloves for the volunteers so they can protect themselves as well as the clients that Meals on Wheels has."

In addition to the meal donations, Mayfield and his wife Emily also announced that they would provide financial support. They are pledging to match donations up to $50,000 to the Great Cleveland Food Bank.

The Browns quarterback originally became associated with Meals on Wheels in 2017. He was ordered to perform community service following an arrest in Arkansas. He was charged with public intoxication, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and fleeing, per ESPN.

Mayfield apologized for the incident and said that he had put his dream of playing football for Oklahoma in jeopardy with his actions. He was sentenced to 35 hours of community service and was ordered to participate in university alcohol education.

The Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback finished his community service but is still trying to assist Meals on Wheels during this time of unrest. He wants to provide meals and financial aid to the residents of both Norman and Cleveland, and he is hoping that his fans will join him in this quest.

"Norman, the Sooner Nation, the community that has impacted my life, let's give back to a right cause, and, as always, Boomer Sooner," Mayfield said to end his video.

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