Ayesha Curry Explains Why She and Steph Took 8-Year-Old Daughter to Black Lives Matter March

Ayesha Curry and her husband, Golden State Warriors player Steph Curry, recently attended a seven-mile Black Lives Matter march and brought their oldest child, 8-year-old daughter Riley. Curry later explained to Entertainment Tonight the decision-making process and why they brought the daughter to the march.

"I think we protested seven miles that day, so we knew [5-year-old daughter] Ryan wasn't going to make it for the walk," Curry said. "But with our oldest, we felt like it was time. I mean, even if it wasn't time, it was time, you know what I mean? And we felt like the best way to explain everything to her was for her to see it and understand it and hear it firsthand. So we brought her with us."

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Curry posted a series of photos of the march on her Instagram account, showing herself carrying Riley on her back. She, Steph and their daughter all wore masks while they marched side-by-side with other protesters. Curry also posted a photo of herself hugging Riley in an emotional moment.

The 31-year-old cookbook author continued explaining the day during her discussion with ET. She said that Riley "totally got it" and understood why they were marching. Curry and her husband then later sat down and answered important questions

"I feel like that's been how we see change happening — because the children are our future, and I feel like if we're verbally and physically instilling in them the change we wish to see, that's the best way to get it going," Curry continued. "So not really sugarcoating no matter how young the kids are — not sugarcoating what's going on, really tackling it head-on, face-first — has been what's worked for us."


Curry also confirmed that the family wore masks during the entire march. She said that she is "petrified" due to her 2-year-old son Canon having "really bad asthma." Curry explained that it's been very important to the family to make sure that they are masked up and staying at home as much as possible. They have also limited the number of people that they see due to these concerns.

The Curry family has enjoyed the extra time at home due to the Golden State Warriors not rejoining other NBA teams in the Orlando bubble. Steph has been at home with his family and has helped his wife balance the hectic schedules. He has also taken part in critical educational opportunities, such as marching seven miles during a protest.