Atlanta Braves Change Stadium Name to Truist Park and Fans Lose It

When the Atlanta Braves take the field later this year, they will be playing in a stadium with a new name. On Tuesday morning, the team announced the name of the stadium that opened in 2017 will be now called Truist Park. The previous name, SunTrust Park, had to be changed because SunTrust Bank merged with BB&T Bank last year and it's now called Truist Financial.

Once fans heard the official name of the Braves stadium, they went to Twitter to express their anger.

"A real opportunity was missed here. Hank Aaron Field @ Truist Park would have been fantastic," one fan wrote. Ultimately the name doesn't really effect me, but to go with the most vanilla, predictable result really did not require a boring press conference."

"Anyone that's paid any attention over the last year knew it would be named Truist Park," another fan wrote. "The surprise is they had a big press conf as if it was going to be something unique & interesting and not just a made up word that was the result of a marketing panel."


"The lamest thing y'all could've possible done," another Twitter user added. "Why not Hank Aaron Field at Truist Park? Why not honor the greatest player in team history, perhaps in all of baseball? Nope. Let's go with the worst-named bank in recent history's name instead. [What the f—] is "truist" anyway???

Obviously, fans are not happy with the name, but because SunTrust agreed to a 25-year deal with the Braves when it comes to naming rights to the stadium, Truist Park was the top choice. The Braves have started taking down signs that included the "SunTrust Park" named and all the "Truist Park" signs will be installed when the Braves have their home opener in April.