Antonio Brown's Former Stepfather Speaks out About Allegations

When the news broke about Antonio Brown facing allegations of rape, the immediate reactions were of surprise. The Patriots newest receiver is no stranger to controversy or creating headlines, but those generally revolve around lawn maintenance disputes, throwing furniture off a balcony, frostbitten feet, or speeding. The civil lawsuit filed by a personal trainer named Britney Taylor was far more serious and painted Brown in a very different light. Although there was one individual that was not surprised.

Recently, Brown's former stepfather, Larry Moss Jr., spoke out about Brown and the accusations. In an interview with USA Today Sports, Moss talked about his time raising Brown in Miami and what he feels is a less-than-positive regard for women and their wellbeing. Moss raised Brown from the age of 5-17.

"I can't tell you that he did what they said he did,'' Moss said, per USA TODAY Sports. "But I know he's very abusive to women. As far as just raping somebody, [Brown] just feels like he can have whatever he wants. He's just empowered that way. So it doesn't surprise me that this kind of allegation came out about him.''

Throughout the early portions of his career, Brown was known as the hardest worker in the room and someone that constantly wanted to improve. This work ethic led to six seasons with 100 or more receptions, as well as multiple Pro Bowl appearances. However, there were some off-the-field issues that distracted from Brown's impressive career.

Whether it was the aforementioned issues or simply creating drama within the Steelers locker room, Brown did show a history of erratic behavior that increased as the years progressed. Interestingly enough, Moss actually says that Brown acted in this manner years prior to departing for college and entering the NFL as a sixth-round pick.

"A lot of things that Tony's doing, nothing surprises me,'' Moss said. "I'm surprised that it took them this long to figure him out. Because he's been this way since he's been 12 years old.''

These red flags are the reason why Brown is on his third NFL team in seven months and why he has developed a reputation as a "franchise killer." There is no denying the talent that he brings to the field each week, but the other issues have led two separate teams (Steelers, Raiders) to send Brown packing. Will these allegations of rape lead to Brown's dismissal from a third team?


At this point, he is in Miami and ready to suit up for Sunday's game against the Dolphins, but there is a possibility that the league could place Brown on the commissioner's exempt list is the investigation provides reason to do so. If this happens, Brown's former stepfather may not be surprised.

Photo credit: Christian Petersen/Getty Images