Antonio Brown Reportedly Feels It's 'Unfair' How Long He's Waited to Interview With NFL

Antonio Brown is still hoping to return to the NFL this year despite reports of him likely not playing again until 2020. And he's not happy the league is dragging its feet when it comes to interviewing him about the sexual assault allegations. According to Josina Anderson of ESPN, Brown is ready to talk to the NFL, but he's angry he's waited over six weeks for them to set up an interview.

"Well first of all, Antonio Brown is looking forward to this interview with the NFL on Thursday, that actually is going to be in-person. Because it's been about six or seven weeks since he was let go by the Patriots, and he's been feeling, according to sources, like it has been unfair, the amount of time that he had to wait," Anderson said on the ESPN show First Take.

"Perhaps, that the NFL was also minding the perception of the allegations around him and wanting that to kind of dissipate some. Also the unfairness of the fact when you consider next week for most teams they'll have six games remaining, and if you put that up against what the baseline suspension for the NFL would be when you're dealing with cases of sexual or domestic misconduct. So, if they decide to apply that suspension, he's effectively done, which is why Adam Schefter is saying that."

So even if they allow Brown to return, he won't be eligible to play for the rest of the season. When the news broke about the NFL planning to meet with Brown on Thursday, he sounded off on the league saying he's "done."

"F—ing @nfl. I’m going down another path no more making money off my blood and sweat! No more control of my name and body clear my name I am done with it! So you fantasy f—s can let it go," Brown wrote on Instagram in a now-deleted post.


A few hours after attacking the NFL, Brown then said he was frustrated with the situation and he said he wants to get back into the league. He wrote on Twitter, "I'm just very frustrated right now with the false allegations and slander to my name. I love football and I miss it. I just want to play and I'm very emotional about that. I'm determined to make my way back to the NFL asap."

Brown has played in one game this season as a member of the New England Patriots. Before the season began, Brown was a member of the Oakland Raiders but was cut days before the first game of the season.