Antonio Brown Granted Bail, Ordered to Undergo Mental Health Evaluation

Antonio Brown has been granted bail after turning himself in to police on Thursday night. According to ESPN, Brown had a court hearing on Friday and his bond was set at $110,000 for the three charges against him which include battery. He will also be required to wear a GPS so he can be monitored, and had to relinquish his passport and guns. Brown will also have to go through drug and alcohol testing, and a mental health evaluation.

Brown is expected to be released on bond on Friday evening or early Saturday morning. He is facing charges of felony burglary with battery, burglary of an unoccupied conveyance and criminal mischief stemming from an alleged assault of a moving truck driver, which happened on Tuesday. Brown is accused of throwing a rock at the truck before the alleged battery. Brown's trainer, Glen Holt was arrested in connection with the case on Tuesday. Once police arrived on Tuesday, Brown locked himself inside his house.

"I believe they've given him ample opportunity to turn himself in," Hollywood Police public information officer Christian Lata said to USA Today. "I'm sure it's going to be within today or tomorrow, but I'm not sure exactly when... I would assume it would be sooner than later."

"Antonio Brown actually ran into his house and locked the door and closed the door," Lata continued. "He went into his house and just stayed inside the house and wouldn't come out."

On Tuesday, a moving truck driver arrived at Brown's Florida home as he hired him to bring his belongings from California. The seven-time Pro Bowl receiver refused to pay $4,000 so the driver left. Brown then reportedly threw a rock at the truck and that's when the driver called police.


The moving company then told the driver to drop off Brown's belongings and he will pay the $4,000 plus the damages to the truck. However, Brown said he would pay the $4,000 but nothing more. He then allegedly assaulted the driver while Holt took the keys and opened the back of the truck.

With this being the latest incident from Brown, it's hard to see him returning to the NFL anytime soon. In 2019, Brown played in one game as a member of the Patriots before being cut before the third game of the season. He was a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers from 2010-2018.