Antonio Brown Named Google's Most Searched Athlete, Person of 2019

Antonio Brown had a big 2019 and it wasn't because of what he did on the field. The former New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers receiver was always in the news and stayed active on social media. Because of that, Google named Brown as the most searched athlete and person of 2019 according to CNN.

When it comes to people, Brown beat out Jussie Smollett, Kevin Hart, Neymar, R. Kelly and 21 Savage. When it comes to athletes, Brown was searched more than Bryce Harper, Andrew Luck, David Ortiz Myles Garrett and Megan Rapinoe.

This isn't a real surprise because Brown has been in the news all year long and has only played in one game this season. It started in early March when he was traded to the Oakland Raiders from the Steelers. However, Brown didn't play in a game in Oakland because he was cut before the start of the season. During his time with the Raiders, Brown disputed with the NFL over his helmet and he got into a verbal altercation with general manager Mike Mayock.

Once Brown was released from the Raiders, he signed a one-year deal with the Patriots and he did play for them. In the second game of the year, Brown recorded four receptions for 56 yards and one touchdown in a 43-0 win over the Miami Dolphins. But as Brown signed with team, he was hit with a sexual assault lawsuit by one woman and he was then hit with a sexual misconduct claim by another woman and the Patriots released him before the third game of the year.

After that, Brown has either been attacking or apologizing to people on social media. After posting a lengthy apology last week, Brown attacked the media this week for everything that has happened to him.

"The owners sent the hit to the media; media carried it out; as The agent and nflpa witness me go down no help no protection full take down on us every time!" Brown wrote.

Along with the attack on the media, Brown went after Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. This started when a fan called Brown a "bum" and his career ended when he left the Steelers.


"Check his stats before I came n I was done with that loser long time ago," Brown wrote on Twitter Wednesday morning.

So it has been a wild ride for Brown in 2019 and it looks like 2020 will be no different.