Antonio Brown and Chelsie Kyriss Tied to Alleged Domestic Violence Case

Former New England Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown and his ex-girlfriend, Chelsie Kyriss, have been going through a public split in recent weeks, which has been documented on social media. The case has now taken on a new turn after TMZ unveiled a "related" case that contains allegations of domestic violence. Although the report is uncertain about whether or not Brown is the alleged assailant.

According to the report by TMZ, Brown and Kyriss have been wrapped up in a paternity dispute in Broward County (FL) since 2017. They have three children together, all of which reside with Kyriss after the split. TMZ discovered recently that a new "related case" was added to the record on Dec. 26, which included allegations of domestic violence.

"The issue ... the case is currently under seal -- which means the important details, including the people involved, are not being made public so we don't know if the matter is "related" to Brown or Kyriss or both," TMZ's report claims. "We reached out to lawyers for Brown and Kyriss but neither side would comment."

At this point, it's unclear if Brown actually is involved in the recent allegations, but he did send out a tweet on Friday that caused some users to take notice. Specifically, the free-agent receiver mentioned an unnamed female that he "hit."

"Soon as I hit she run to the public," Brown wrote, "hit dogs be hollering keep quiet #DingalingPlan #NoInsurance."

For some users on social media, they viewed this tweet as an admission of guilt. Others simply thought that the receiver was talking about another matter entirely.

The breakup between Brown and Kyriss has been made very public on social media as both parties have posted comments to each other on Instagram. The former receiver in Brown also showed a private letter that his lawyer had sent to Kyriss after he reportedly evicted her from a home in Miami.

This is the same home that was shown during an Instagram Live session in which the police were monitoring a clothing handoff for the three children. Brown showed the authorities standing on his doorstep while Kyriss waited in the driveway, and he made many NSFW comments about them escorting his ex-girlfriend into the neighborhood.


Brown has not played in the NFL since week 2 amid an investigation by the NFL. He recently worked out for the New Orleans Saints prior to the end of the regular season but did not receive an offer from the team.

(Photo Credit: David Santiago/Miami Herald/Tribune News Service via Getty)