Alex Rodriguez Still Can't Get Over Jennifer Lopez's Inauguration Performance

Jennifer Lopez and former MLB star Alex Rodriguez were two of the high-profile figures on hand to watch Joe Biden take the Presidential Oath of Office on Wednesday. Lopez arrived in Washington, D.C. and performed "This Land is Your Land." Nearly a week later, Rodriguez is still raving about her performance.

The former MLB player posted a photo on social media that showed him and Lopez flying home after the big day. They were seated next to each other in a private jet while the "On the Floor" singer held up a sheet of music. Rodriguez explained that he was "privileged" to be in attendance for the performance and called it an iconic moment.

"On the flight home, she showed me her lyrics sheet, and the significance of her performance really began to sink in," Rodriguez continued in a series of tweets. "Can you believe she was the first person to sing in Spanish at an inaugural event? Another historic and groundbreaking achievement for one of the most talented and driven people the world has ever seen."

Prior to Inauguration Day, both Lopez and Rodriguez expressed their support for Biden as president and Kamala Harris as vice president. They said that they wanted to "unify the nation again." Lopez, in particular, said that this country was not the one that she grew up in due to the "hate."

Now that Biden and Harris are in office, Rodriguez and Lopez are looking forward to a different version of the United States. Although the former baseball player is still looking back at big moments from 2020 and into 2021. He's still riding high from watching his significant other perform during Inauguration Day, a moment that capped off a whirlwind schedule.


"It's been such a crazy year for her, so amazing, so many blessings," Rodriguez recently said during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. "But to think in a span of 12 months, she's done the Super Bowl, New Year's [Eve] and now the inaugural, it's unbelievable. And what's interesting is she's most nervous about Washington, D.C. because of the responsibility."