AEW's Jim Ross Makes Big Announcement Amid Cancer Diagnosis

Jim Ross just made a big announcement as he's battling skin cancer. The All Elite Wrestling (AEW) announcer went to Twitter to reveal that he's taking time off from AEW until the end of December due to the treatment for his illness. 

"Due to my skin cancer care totaling 22 radiation treatments starting Monday, I will hopefully return to the announce desk on December 29 in Jacksonville," Ross said. "[Tony Khan] supports me on this strategy which has been a blessing. My thanks for all your support."  

Ross, 69, announced in October he had skin cancer. Earlier this month, Ross said he wasn't sure he'd be able to remain on commentary while being treated for his illness. "I wanted to make sure I can still do my stuff," Ross said, per Wrestling Inc. "I'll know more about that after November 22, if I can't I've got to put my health first. I think that's the right thing to do, ego wise people say, 'Are you worried about getting replaced?' hell no. I work for Tony Khan; I work for a different man than what I worked for in the past.

"He has been nothing but amazing in this whole process to the point of, 'Whatever you need we'll take care of you, whatever you need to do to get you healthy again we're ready to take every step of the way with you.'" Ross, who signed a three-year contract with AEW in 2019, talked this week about appearing on future shows. 


"Next week's going to be a touch and go week for me, on Monday morning I'm supposed to get two cancer spots cut out of my back," Ross, a former WWE announcer, revealed. "They say it's only a few stitches but I've got to get ready to get on an airplane and they say it's going to be bandaged. I can't scratch them, I can't touch them. Then after that on Monday, I have to go to my oncologist and they make me a boot. And the boot is what you slip on so the radiation machine has a target. I don't know if it attaches or whatever, but it's there to not give you any more radiation than you need and only on the spot that isn't infected. I plan on going to Chicago, and on Wednesday, we're going to kick ass."