Packers President Gives 'Update' on Aaron Rodgers Situation Ahead of Training Camp

Training camp is less than two weeks away for the Green Bay Packers, and everyone is wondering will Aaron Rodgers be with the team? Packers president Murphy was on a virtual call talking about the team's financial fiscal year and was asked about Rodgers reporting to camp on July 27.

"I appreciate the question," Murphy said, as reported by Bill Huber of Sports Illustrated's Packer Central. "This is really limited to questions regarding financial statements. I would just say there's nothing new to update on the issue that you raised." Murphy is keeping quiet on the Rodgers situation, which hasn't been the case thought the summer.

In June, Murphy described what the situation has done to the fans. "The situation we face with Aaron Rodgers has divided our fan base," Murphy wrote in a response to a fan in his monthly column. "The emails and letters that I've received reflect this fact. As I wrote here last month, we remain committed to resolving things with Aaron and want him to be our quarterback in 2021 and beyond. We are working to resolve the situation and realize that the less both sides say publicly, the better."

Not too long after that, Murphy used two words to describe Rodgers. "I'm often reminded though of Ted Thompson, as most of you know, just a great general manager, passed away this past year, or excuse me earlier this year. [He] often talked about Aaron, that he's a... and it wasn't just Aaron, a lot of different players. He would say 'He's a complicated fella.' So, I'll just say that," Murphy said at an event at Lambeau Field.


It's been recently reported that Rodgers will likely be back with the Packers when training camp begins. However, the reason for that is he wants to play this season, and it looks like he's not going to be traded. In April, ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that Rodgers told people in the Packers organization that he was not returning to the team this fall. He has not spoken too much on his situation with the Packers, but the fact he hasn't been with the team all offseason is not a great sign. All this comes after Rodgers led the Packers to a 13-3 record in 2020 and an appearance in the NFC Championship game. Rodgers won his third MVP award in February.