Antonio Brown Lashes out at Logan Paul, Brings Fake Sex Tape Scandal Back Up

YouTuber Logan Paul recently told TMZ that his long-rumored boxing match with Antonio Brown would not be happening. He also called the former New England Patriots wide receiver a "b–" while saying that "he needs help." Brown has since responded with a post on his Instagram Stories with a graphic photo.

Brown posted a collage that showed Paul's face on one side and a screenshot from a fake sex tape that the YouTube star had been tied to in December. A video had surfaced that allegedly showed Paul performing a sexual act on another man, but it was determined that he was not the figure in the video. Although Paul did joke about how he would release the full video if he got enough retweets. "Eat b– literally diss track ready DM if you want to drop," Brown wrote in the caption of the photo.

"He [Brown] DM'd me, and he said something like 'I'm expecting a national apology,'" Paul told TMZ during a recent sidewalk interview."And I said 'I'm sorry you're a b–.' I really am. That dude, like he needs some help."

Rumors of a boxing match have been swirling for months, and Brown even began training. However, the details were never confirmed as both potential competitors criticized each other. The match seemed more realistic in early February when Brown and Paul had a confrontation during a Super Bowl LIV party.

They both attended the MAXIM Havana Nights Super Bowl party, during which Paul antagonized Brown about making the fight happen. The former NFL receiver responded by saying "Yeah, let's do it."

Weeks later, however, the fight will not be taking place. Brown and Paul are now focused on talking about each other on social media and in interviews with TMZ. Although Brown's rebuttal to Paul's comments was certainly NSFW.

Paul recently released a diss track about Brown, which he named "Going Broke." The song took a brief clip from the song "Whole Lotta Money" and showed footage from a concert where Brown talked about the crowd wanting him to "knock the f– out of Logan Paul."


The diss track continued with Paul donning a Tom Brady Patriots jersey and rapping about Brown losing his agent Drew Rosenhaus and his lawyer. The song continued with mentions of Brown's 2019 stats (56 yards and one touchdown) and the fact that his kids "need to eat."

(Photo Credit: Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty)