MLB Network's Kevin Millar Opens up About Love for Road Trips, Reveals Biggest Spring Training Storyline (Exclusive)

Kevin Millar played in the MLB for 10 years which means he's seen a lot of different cities in the country. And now that his baseball career is over, Millar has more time to travel which is a passion for him to see different cities with his family. This has led to the current MLB Network host to partner with Goodyear Auto Service and Just Tires to help drivers save money all month with "March Deal Days."

"I've always been into taking trips with my family," Millar told "I love cars…We're doing this March Deal Days from Goodyear Auto Service and Just Tires it's a great time to go and save big on different services throughout March including oil changes, batteries and alignments, shock and struts, brakes and tires.

"It will get your cars running right, just like the players are trying to do for spring training."

Millar, who is currently in Arizona for spring training, says this time of year is important because it's is all about family trips, which has led to him bringing his family along to watch games.

"We do a lot of traveling, taking the kids to the games," he said. "I just think this time of year is most important getting ready for an up and coming baseball season because it's more family-oriented."

Kevin Millar Image family
(Photo: Kevin Millar)

With a number of teams in Arizona for spring training, Millar has been to a number of different camps. The good news is he doesn't have to travel far to each facility.

"Especially in spring training you're driving to each camp," Millar added. "In Scottsdale and Phoenix, it's easy because you're doing the city of Phoenix. So we'll go out there and we can hit 10 teams in a day. Obviously you don't want to do that."

With a love for road trips, Millar also has a love for cars. And it all started when he was very young.

"My uncle had a 1950-something truck. It seems like he's still working on it," Millar said. "He kind of got me into it. I never was into the high-end cars probably because I couldn't afford them."

With Millar currently in Arizona, he has seen his share of baseball in the last couple of weeks. There are plenty of storylines heading into the regular season, and Millar reveals the one thing that has stood out with him so far during spring training.

"Getting acclimated with all the new faces on different teams. Anthony Rendon as an Angel is kind of strange. Mookie Betts and David Price as a Dodger is strange but cool. It's interesting to see and it's fun and exciting when you're part of those teams as a fan."

Millar also knows what's going on know is important for teams as they try to win a World Series. He was a member of the Boston Red Sox team that won the title in 2004 and he explained why that team came out on top.


"We really cared about each other," he said. "We're really like family. We ate together 20 deep and the only other five that weren't there was because their wives might have been in town that time. We just did everything together which created this family chemistry-type situation.

"We weren't the best players. But I'll say we were the best team. And that goes a long way during a long season."