Gerald McCoy Raves About Christian McCaffrey's Skills

Defensive tackle Gerald McCoy may only be in his first season with the Carolina Panthers, but the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers starter is very familiar with running back Christian McCaffrey. After all, he faced off with him four times in the past two years. Given this experience both watching and trying to stop the Panthers' back, McCoy believes that he is a "bad white boy."

The veteran defender in McCoy made this point very clear on Sunday during a battle with the New Orleans Saints. Video footage showed him searching for a hot mic with which he could express his opinion about McCaffrey and his skills as a running back. Once he found a suitable recording device, McCoy made a very bold proclamation.

"You can hear me?" McCoy asked. "That's a bad white boy. Most skilled white boy in NFL history. Yeah, I said it. Hands down I said it. That's a bad white boy right there."

The Panthers may have lost to the Saints on a late field goal, but McCoy believes that it shouldn't take away from McCaffrey's performance. The third-year running back was making plays on a routine basis for his team, and he finished with 64 yards as a runner, 69 as a receiving option, and two total touchdowns.

There has long been a discussion about whether McCaffrey is a better all-around running back than Alvin Kamara of the Saints, but the Stanford product finished with more yards rushing and receiving than his peer. He also scored twice while Kamara finished without a touchdown. Backup Latavius Murray, who tied McCaffrey in yards, scored the Saints' lone rushing touchdown.

Throughout the 2019 season, McCaffrey has been viewed as one of the top running backs in the league, if not the best. His 1,123 rushing yards lead the NFL, as do his 12 rushing touchdowns. Dalvin Cook of the Minnesota Vikings has been making his own case for top runner in the league, but he currently trails McCaffrey in yards (1,017) and touchdowns (11) after missing week 12 due to a bye.

This proclamation about McCaffrey's skill set is nothing new for McCoy. The Panthers defender has been hyping up his teammate as the MVP all season long. Following a victory in early October, McCoy said that they needed to check and see if McCaffrey is from the earth. After his performance, he expected the runner to actually be from Asgard.


With 12 weeks of NFL action over, it's clear that McCaffrey is not a descendant of Odin, but McCoy still believes that he is the best running back in the league. In fact, he believes the youngster to be the most skilled white boy in NFL history.

(Photo Credit: Sean Gardner/Getty)