Michael Vick Has High Praise for Ravens QB Lamar Jackson

Whenever a dual-threat quarterback enters the NFL, there are inevitable comparisons to either Steve Young or Michael Vick. With all due respect to former Minnesota Vikings great Fran Tarkenton, these two stars were unstoppable in their primes and were viewed as two of the greatest weapons. In fact, Vick was the man that millions of players used to great success in Madden, utilizing his strong arm and blazing speed.

Considering how Ravens second-year quarterback Lamar Jackson has led his team to a 2-0 record while throwing seven touchdowns without an interception, rushing for 120 yards against the Cardinals, and playing smart football, it would be expected that he is being compared to Vick. As it turns out, the former Falcons and Eagles starter is a big fan of the young QB and loves the comparisons.

"I think they're good comparisons man," Vick said to TMZ Sports. "If anybody looking like me, it's Lamar. That's a dangerous man behind center."

Throughout his career, Vick was a threat to score on every single play, whether it was as a thrower or a runner. In 15 seasons with the Falcons, the Eagles, the Steelers, and the Jets, the Virginia Tech product compiled 22,464 passing yards and 133 touchdowns. He added another 6,109 rushing yards and 36 touchdowns on the ground.

As someone that redefined the concept of a dual-threat quarterback, it could be expected that Vick would shy away from some of the comparisons between him and the rising quarterbacks, but that hasn't been the case when Jackson is mentioned. Vick loves the youngster's game and envisions greatness in his future. To further prove this point, Vick even told TMZ Sports that he had literally no advice for the Ravens starter.

"Keep doing what you're doing," he said. "Don't change nothing."


Obviously, it's early in Jackson's career considering that he has only started nine games in two seasons, but he has wildly impressed while leading the Ravens to one playoff appearance (2018) and a 2-0 start in 2019. The youngster from Louisville tossed five touchdowns to start the year and added another two against the Cardinals in week two. He hasn't thrown an interception just yet and has proved to critics that he isn't better suited as a running back.

If Jackson can continue growing as a passer while leading this Ravens team to multiple playoff appearances, he has an opportunity to surpass Michael Vick in the NFL record books. Although the most important part of this process will be staying healthy. Vick struggled with injuries in his career, but Jackson has avoided this issue thus far. Continuing to do so would only build his legend.