Megan Rapinoe's Dad Voted For Donald Trump

Megan Rapinoe, the outspoken star of the United States Women's National Soccer Team, has long been a critic of President Donald Trump. She publicly stated en route to winning the World Cup that she wouldn't visit the White House, and she has made comments about his administration and the ways in which she disagrees with the policies.

With Rapinoe being a prominent figure during discussions about racism, the LGBT community, and equality for women, it would be expected that parents share similar views after being viewed as supportive of Rapinoe. However, that is not necessarily the case. Rapinoe recently did an interview with The Guardian in which she revealed that her dad had voted for Donald Trump.

"I think my dad voted for Trump, and I’ll say: ‘I don’t get it. How are you simultaneously as proud as punch of me and watching Fox News all the time, [when commentators are doing] takedowns of your daughter?’ That’s why I’m like, ‘You guys need to go to therapy.’"

As she continued to explain, Rapinoe believes that her beliefs and wanting to fight for these equal rights came from her upbringing. How would it be possible that her parents voted for someone who is completely on the other side of the aisle?

"I feel like I grew up with all of these lessons [surrounding equality], but nothing was ever spoken," Rapinoe said. "No language was ever put around it. Both of my parents should be really progressive – especially my mom – and I don’t get that they’re not. I’m always saying: ‘You guys should really be Democrats!’ But they’re not, so what’s happening?"


Rapinoe may not seem eye-to-eye with her parents on these matters or President Trump, but that doesn't mean that she has cut off all ties from her loved ones. In fact, the opposite is true. She still talks to her parents "all the time, every day." Additionally, Rapinoe says that family gatherings are very unique.

“There’s been some major blow-ups," Rapinoe said. "There’s definitely been some dust-ups. I’m very close to my family. It’s not like, ‘Ugh, I’m from a conservative town, and I never talk to them anymore.’ I talk to my parents all the time, every day. And I feel like I have seen progress and growth. I would love it if people understood you should never say racist things and [you should] be okay with gay people, or whatever it is. But, obviously, it doesn’t happen that quickly.”