Stone Cold Steve Austin to Appear on Raw Monday Night

Stone Cold Steve Austin is going to be appearing on Raw on Monday night. Well, he will be back on the WWE program only in a manner of speaking. In reality, he will be appearing on the show via Skype to weigh in on the matches that are taking place. According to a post on Instagram, Stone Cold will be commenting on the matchup between Seth Rollins and Brock Lesnar, as well as the other battles that will be taking place.

With his new TV show, Straight Up Steve Austin, premiering after Raw on Monday night, it’s only fitting that the longtime Sheriff of Raw will be making a return to the USA Network. Although this announcement certainly has a bit less of an impact considering that he will only be available via Skype. Appearing on a screen is a far cry from having Stone Cold crack a couple cold beers in the middle of the ring while firing up the crowd and hyping his upcoming show.

Either way, it will be important for Austin to promote the premiere of his show. Straight Up Steve Austin is by no means the first program that he has hosted, but it’s certainly a different style considering that it’s half physical activity, half interview. As Austin explained, he feels that this style of interview actually works due to the bonding that takes place at the time.

“With Straight Up Steve Austin, it's myself and another person bonding over a physical activity outdoors,” Stone Cold said, according to CinemaBlend. “And maybe it's from a part of their background or maybe it's something from my background. In the season premiere, I'm hanging with former US Marine Rob Riggle, who's now an actor who's in demand everywhere. But based on his military background, we're crushing cars in a tank because that's the world that he came from. And so when you're doing stuff like that, you kind of form this chemistry – you start bonding – and the conversation starts flowing.”


Stone Cold has a sizable list of guests that will be appearing on the first season of Straight Up Steve Austin. Becky Lynch of WWE will be on hand to help further the wrestling connection, and she will be joined by other heavy hitters. Comedian Gabriel Iglesias, country star Trace Adkins, and racing legend Dale Earnhardt Jr. will all make appearances. Although the most intriguing personality set to appear on the show will be Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield. The young signal-caller has revitalized the Ohio fanbase, and he has done so with a wild personality. Mayfield is a divisive figure at times, and it will be fascinating to see him interacting with Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Will Stone Cold tease this appearance and some of the hijinks that will ensue in the first season of Straight Up Steve Austin? It's possible, but the answer won't be revealed until Monday night's episode of Raw.