You Should Ditch Your Vibrator for a Fancy Crystal Sex Toy

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While some choose to channel the therapeutic powers of crystals through room decor or jewelry, others opt for a more intimate experience. Move over Himalayan salt lamps and enter the demand for crystal dildos.

Chakrubs, "the original crystal sex toy company," sells a variety of sexual wellness products made from 100 percent pure crystal, meant to bring a sense of sacredness to your playtime.

Chakrubs founder Vanessa Cuccia says that while they make great sex toys, there's more to your "O.' "Each Chakrub is associated with different therapeutic properties, and those who choose to work with them can expect not only to experience immense pleasure, but deeper connection to the self," she explained.

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How do you know whether it's time to ditch your vibrator for a crystal toy?

"While there is nothing wrong with traditional sex toys, Chakrubs opens one up to the option of viewing orgasm as not the only goal for masturbation," Cuccia said. "While I've received tons of testimonials from people saying they had the deepest orgasms ever while using their Chakrubs, it is geared more towards people who feel they may have an energetic or spiritual block that is preventing them from feeling completely fulfilled."

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And since these toys are sans silicone, butterfly prongs and phallic shapes, they nearly double as home decor.

Each colored crystal also contains different metaphysical properties to meet your needs. Black obsidian (Xaga Chakrub) is a protective stone to help release negative emotions and rose quartz (Heart Chakrub) is known to open the heart for love and comfort, for example.

When you purchase your toy, your "practice" begins. Each customer is given a wax-sealed envelope with a love letter initiating on the path of self-realization through sexual expression.

"Because we invite people to not only use Chakrubs to 'get-off' but to turn on and turn inward, we call it a session, ritual or practice." This includes cleansing your Chakrub in the moonlight, meditating with it over the heart center, creating intentions, self-pleasure and journaling.

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Similar toys have been a topic of conversation lately as a gynecologist criticized Gwyneth Pallrow's support for yoni eggs—a crystal egg inserted to strengthen your vagina — claiming they could harm your lady parts. Cuccia says that, if used properly for 15-20 minutes, there are no risks involved. The doctor also mentioned that rose quartz was porous and shouldn't be inserted into the vagina, but Cuccia says her extensive research with gemologists tells her that the material is unable to harbor bacteria, "certainly no more than your fingers or a penis."

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"If vibration and clitoral stimulation is really your thing, I say to continue using your vibrator while having the Chakrub inserted. There is no right or wrong… It gives people the possibility to incorporate energetic awareness into sexuality, making for a more mind-body-spirit connection," Cuccia told us.


Ready to experience this connection for yourself? The Original Chakrub prices start at $114, but it'll help you connect—mind and body—for a lifetime.


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