Why 'OutDaughtered' Isn't on TV Anymore

Fans hoping to catch up with the Busbys on OutDaughtered are out of luck, at least for the time being. The hit TLC reality series last aired new episodes in May 2021, but more than six months later, there has been no Season 9 renewal news, leaving many viewers worried that OutDaughtered has been canceled. According to Adam and Danielle Busby, whose lives as parents to six girls has been chronicled on the series, OutDaughtered has not been canceled, the couple recently addressing why OutDaughtered has been absent from TLC.

The Busbys opened up about the lack of new episodes, or any news regarding the series, in a video shared to their YouTube channel, aptly titled "Are We Going To Film a New Season Of OutDaughtered and many other Questions answered from the Family," back in July, just shortly after Season 8 concluded. In the video, the couple confirmed, "the show wasn't canceled." Instead, Adam and Danielle decided it best for their family to take a step back from the show "regroup as a family," meaning that OutDaughtered isn't canceled, but rather just on hiatus.

Opening up about the decision to temporarily hit pause on their TLC series, Adam told fans that the show "became a strain on everyone." He and his wife eventually realized that their family needed a break.

"We'd come home and you'd have this small window of time that we could either film something or they were having to get ready for sports. We got through the last season and we were like, man, I think everybody, the crew included, just needs a break," Adam explained, with Danielle adding that she and her husband felt God was telling them they needed to "heal for a little bit."

Although there are currently no plans to resume filming, the Busbys said they haven't ruled out returning for the show. In the YouTube video, Adam told fans that they are "kind of keeping things open. There's no hard feelings or animosity between us and the network or production." He added that they are "still in talks with the network and communicate with them." The couple added that during the break in filming, they plan to spend more time together as a family without the cameras, something that is giving them the opportunity to feel "revived and replenished." Danielle said, "it's been healthy for us. We're ready to find out where God wants to put us next. We don't know what the future holds."