Here's Why 'Bachelorette' Hannah Brown Joined 'Dancing With the Stars'

The cast of Season 28 of Dancing With the Stars was officially revealed on Wednesday, Aug. 21, and [...]

The cast of Season 28 of Dancing With the Stars was officially revealed on Wednesday, Aug. 21, and former Bachelorette Hannah Brown is one of the 12 contestants heading to the dance floor.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Brown explained that she wanted to join the show to take the focus off her dating life, since her worth as a person isn't defined by who she's with.

"I am so excited about this to continue sharing my life with America, but in a different way and that's through dance," she said. "So being very vulnerable and sharing my story that doesn't have to involve a man."

"I think I was put into this position for some reason and I think people need to see people with this platform being really authentic and real and showing real emotions. And I don't know how to be anything other than that. And so I'm OK with it," the 24-year-old continued. "If I'm gonna... have these opportunities I might as well use them to share something in common with the rest of the world and people. And that's just some days being happy, and some days being sad, and having all the in-between, and making people feel like that's OK to be."

Brown shared that as far as the dancing goes, she's talked to several past DWTS contestants including former Bachelor Nick Viall, Good Morning America host Ginger Zee and last season's winner, Bobby Bones.

"Be ready for it to be... very hard. Some days to want to quit, but that it's going to be the best experience of your life," she said of the advice she's received. "So it's kind of scary, but also I'm very excited just to have fun with it and so I can have fun. I have to have fun."

The reality star also spoke to Us Weekly about her mindset going into DWTS.

"Not talking about relationships, I'm talking about my dance skills," she said. "I don't think I can … nope, not there right now. I have blocked [romance] out right now."

Brown continued, "I'm focusing on Hannah and working on continuing to get stronger and I'm excited for Dancing With the Stars to continue telling my story in a different way, and that doesn't mean looking to find a partner. There's more to Hannah than that."

Season 28 of Dancing With the Stars premieres on Monday, Sept. 16 on ABC.

Photo Credit: Getty / Phillip Faraone