Why Andy Cohen Is Calling Out Former 'RHONY' Star Carole Radziwill

The two had a falling out after her exit from 'RHONY' in 2017.

Andy Cohen can't catch a break. In addition to fighting off allegations of curating a toxic work environment and even sexual misconduct and drug use by some former Real Housewives stars, he recently came under fire after Real Housewives of New York alum Carole Radziwill spoke about her time on the show off the record. Cohen publicly called her out, and she later confirmed the comments made to Vulture were indeed hers.

In the June 3 profile, Radziwill said her time on the show became toxic by the time she exited in 2017. She joined the show in Season 5.

"The show went from silly humor about middle-aged women getting drunk and being delusional about their status and having funny, petty arguments," she said at the time, adding, "to Housewives doing investigating and doing opposition research and making up false story lines and leaking stories on each other."

But Cohen wasn't shocked. "I know exactly, it's Carole Radziwill," Cohen said about the initial anonymous quotes in a June 11 episode of his SiriusXM radio show Andy Cohen Live. "No question. It's the one mean quote in there and it's the only anonymous quote. There are 18 reasons why it's Carole. It's not even a question that it's Carole, but it was so weird. I was like, 'Carole has said a lot of unkind things about me that she's tweeted and been quoted about.'"

The two have long had issues. He wondered why she opted to go anonymous. "It was so weird to me. I didn't understand. Why not just put your name to it? That was so weird," he said. "I was waiting for it to say, '...said Carole Radziwill,' and then I'm like, '...said a former New York Housewife who was fired or something. "I'm like, 'Uh huh.' And also, we haven't fired that many New York Housewives. It's very obvious. Anyway, thanks for the quote, Radz. I'll run into you soon. We have a lot to catch up on."

The former reality star confirmed it was her in a social media post. "I didn't want to put my name in an article in which I had no idea of the context," she wrote on X (formerly Twitter) June 11. "I told the writer they're all vindictive [and] then Andy proves it by outing me."