Here's Where to Watch 'The Voice' Finale Tonight

Season 13 of The Voice is nearing an end and the final four contestants are battling to win the championship.

Following the first part of the two-part live finale, which saw the remaining contestants – Addison Agen, Chloe Kohanski, Red Marlow, and Brooke Simpson – hit the stage for a final time, the elimination round and the subsequent crowning of the new champ is set to premiere Tuesday, Dec. 19, at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

The remaining contestants are being represented by only three of the original four judges — newcomer Jennifer Hudson left without a contestant after Noah Mac and Davon Fleming were eliminated last week. Blake Shelton holds 50 percent of the stakes going into the elimination round, representing both Red Marlow and Chloe Kohanski. Team Adam Levine is represented by Addison Agen, while Brooke Simpson is on Team Miley Cyrus.

While the easiest way for fans to watch the finale event live will be from their TVs, they can also chose to live stream it on, or wait for the episode to be made available online on Wednesday.