'Welcome to Plathville' Family 'Fractured' in Exclusive Season Premiere Sneak Peek

The Plaths are trying to weather some major division in the family as a new season of Welcome to Plathville kicks off Tuesday, Nov. 10 on TLC. Micah and Moriah's questioning of their parents' strict rules has gotten to the point they were asked to move out, and in a PopCulture.com sneak peek of the season premiere, mom Kim and dad Barry Plath are trying to figure out how to hold their "fractured" family together.

Bringing up their nine children on a 55-acre farm in rural South Georgia, Barry and Kim tried to raise their kids on their "piece of heaven on earth," but recently made the "massive change" to move off their farm and into a new house in Cairo, Georgia. "We weren't looking to move, we were looking for another house as an investment property, but just when I walked into this house it was so amazing," Kim says of the move. "We all, especially the children, fell in love with it."

While the Plaths may be closer to civilization than before, the family hasn't loosened any of their conservative rules. "Pretty much things are still the same as they were at the farm in terms of our family's rules," Kim explains. "That means no phones for the children, supervised movies, supervised internet, no social media, little to no sugar, appropriate clothing, no video games and no rock music in the house."

"Unfortunately not everyone agreed with our rules," she continues, "so the family is sort of fractured now into three different households." Micah and Moriah, 18 and 17 at the time, kept "pushing the limits," Kim shares, as the audience is reminded of their pushing back against their parents' phone and sugar rules. "And it was likely to me that they might plant seeds of rebellion and bitterness in the younger children, especially Isaac and Amber."


Things escalated to the point with Micah and Moriah where their parents issued an ultimatum — "if they couldn't live with our rules, then they needed to move out." Moriah is only 17, but living "just down the street" from her parents with her brother helps to ease their anxiety. "She knows if she needs us any time, we're here for her," Kim assures. Life on their own won't be as easy as the two Plath kids thought, however, as they experience real-world responsibilities like paying their bills and working multiple jobs to stay afloat, both things for which they feel their parents didn't prepare them at all. Welcome to Plathville returns for a new season Tuesday, Nov. 10, at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.