'Vanderpump Rules' Couple Reveal Gender of Baby No. 2

Vanderpump Rules alum Stassi Schroeder is expecting her second child with her husband, Beau Clark. As Yahoo noted, the pair revealed the sex of their baby on their podcast, The Good The Bad The Baby. As they shared on Friday's episode of the podcast, they're set to welcome a baby boy. 

Schroeder had an inkling that she was pregnant with a son. She told her listeners, "I knew the whole entire time that we were having a boy." The former reality star said that she felt "so in tune with [her] body" that she was certain that she was having a boy. She was so convinced that she even tried to "talk [her]self out of" the thought and joked that she needed to "prepare" for possibly having another girl (Schroeder and Clark are already parents to a 2-year-old daughter named Hartford). 

Even though she was certain that she was going to have a baby boy, Schroeder stressed that she wouldn't have been disappointed if they found out that they were having another girl. She said, "I love being a girl mom. I love the idea of being surrounded by feminine energy. Two little girls. How f—ing cool is that?" Alas, Schroeder and Clark are going to welcome a boy into their family. Elsewhere on the podcast episode, the former Vanderpump Rules star recalled when they found out about the sex of baby No. 2. She said that she and Clark were out with friends when they learned the news.

Schroeder and Clark also posted a video from when they learned the news. The Bravo personality explained, "Okay, we're headed to New York and right when we land, we're going to our favorite place in New York, Rolf's, the magical Christmas restaurant, and the Taylors are going to tell us whether we're having a boy or a girl." Schroeder referenced her friends, Taylor Strecker and Taylor Donohue, who were tasked with putting the gender reveal together. In the clip, Schroeder and Clark can be seen opening a box and finding out that they're having a boy, prompting some incredibly sweet reactions. After the reveal, they called their daughter to tell her, with Schroeder joking, "You won't have any competition. Don't worry. It's a boy."

Schroeder and Clark revealed that they were expecting their second child on March 1. To share the happy news, they posted a photo of themselves showing off the sonogram photos to Hartford, who turned two years old in January. They captioned the snap with, "Secrets stress me out. Baby #2, I love you so much already."