'Unexpected': Tension Between Chloe and Max Grows at Daughter's 'Messed up' Baptism (Exclusive)

What was supposed to be a happy occasion for Chloe Mendoza and Max Schenzel is turning into a [...]

What was supposed to be a happy occasion for Chloe Mendoza and Max Schenzel is turning into a potential blowout. As the Unexpected pair tries to celebrate daughter Ava's baptism, it's hard to ignore the less-than-friendly relations between their families amid Max's ongoing problems with the law and substance abuse.

In an exclusive sneak peek of Sunday's all-new episode of the TLC reality show, 17-year-old Chloe hopes Max and his dad, Todd, will keep their distance while celebrating her daughter's christening for the sake of everyone involved.

"I'm walking into the church for Ava's baptism, and I'm a little nervous," she admits. "I have a really bad feeling that Max and his dad are just going to say something to my family and it's just gonna ruin the whole day."

As Max stands awkwardly in the back during family photos, Chloe spots the father of her child but stays away so as not to start anything. Max, however, feels jilted by the distance.

"Chloe's literally 100 feet away from me holding Ava, and I'm just getting really frustrated, because I don't understand why she cant just walk over here and take pictures with me or at least say, 'Hi,'" he laments to the camera. "She doesn't want to do it just because she's around her family."

His frustrations are compounded when he and his father sit near the back of the church during the ceremony.

"There's my granddaughter getting baptized, and I have no clue who the people are around her," Todd tells the camera, heatedly, as Max chimes in, "The whole baptism thing, it's not like us talking crap about her family and stuff, it's just the whole thing was messed up."

Chloe's mom, however, was more than happy with the arrangement struck at the start of the baptism.

"That's fine if he's here — I don't own the church," she tells the camera. "I just hope as soon as the mass is over that he leaves or doesn't come up to us and approach us. I don't want to see him, and just trying to keep today a happy day."

Will the family be able to keep things together long enough to celebrate the special day?

Unexpected airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

Photo credit: TLC