Lilly's Comment About Marriage on 'Unexpected' Raises Fans' Eyebrows

Unexpected cast member Lilly Bennett's relationship with baby daddy James Kennedy has depressed fans from the beginning.

Not did the two only date before just a few months before Lilly got pregnant at 16, but Kennedy has seemed utterly uninterested in being a father, walking out halfway through the birthing class and standing Lilly up at the Strawberry Festival in last week's episode.

But in this week's episode of the TLC episode, viewers got an idea of how the pregnant teen views her relationship with the father of her child when she revealed to her mom Kim Bennett that she wants her daughter Aaliyah Rose to have Kennedy's last name.

"I'm in a tough spot, because I really don't know where James is going to take it from here, whether he's gonna stick around or not stick around," Kim confesses. "I don't want to upset Lilly or force my views on her, I just want her to see the other side of it.

Lilly says regardless of what happens with her and Kennedy, "that's still his daughter" so she wants to give her her father's last name.

Kim, who also got pregnant as a teen and is no longer with the father, looks at it differently.

"I just feel like when you get married, that's when you would want to give the last name to your baby," she tells Lilly. "The baby's last name would be earned if he stays around."

She continues, telling the cameras, "There has to be more time and commitment from James before I feel like I would be comfortable giving him the last name."

That's when Lilly hits her mom with a statement that rocked fans to the core.

"I'm married in my head," she says.

Fans freaked out over what the teen said:

Later, Kennedy gives Lilly a promise ring, but when asked if that means they're getting married, he squints his eye.

"Eventually, maybe," he says noncommittally.

Later, he confesses to his mom that he didn't mean the gift to be a promise ring.


"It wasn't even a promise ring," he says to his mom's dismay. "She kept telling her she wanted a ring, and I got her a ring."

Unexpected airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.