'Unexpected': Emersyn Won't Accept Her Mom's 'Unreasonable' Rules for Boyfriend Mason in Exclusive Sneak Peek

Emersyn Potter may be about to be a mother herself, but the 18-year-old Unexpected star is still struggling to come to terms with the rules her own mom has set with her when it comes to boyfriend and father-to-be Mason Ramirez. In a PopCulture.com exclusive sneak peek of Sunday's all-new episode of the TLC series, Emersyn once again broaches the subject of having Mason sleep in her room with mom Erica, and the conversation doesn't exactly go how she had hoped.

"Do you think after the baby's born, Mason would be able to sleep in my room when he comes?" Emersyn asks her mom, who sighs in response, "Emmy, we went over this before. We're gonna have him downstairs on the futon." While Emersyn admits she knows this is a subject they've discussed previously, she tells her mom it would "just be so much easier" to have him beside her at night.

"I know," her mom acknowledges, "but just remember you guys did this early." She continues, "This isn't a home that Mason's paying for or that you're paying for. You're still children. You're still in high school." When Erica points out that she's "technically an adult" already, her mom redirects, "But if you wanna use the word adult, adults pay their own bills, provide a roof over their head."

That argument earns an eye-roll from Emersyn, who admits just how frustrated she's getting with her mom in a confessional interview. "My mom has unreasonable rules I feel like," the teen mom explains. "We're both really stubborn when it comes to our opinions. In arguments, she's always the one that gets the last word or wins. She's very – I swear she could be a lawyer, but I know I'm kind of the same way." Despite her mom's skill with rhetoric, Emersyn feels determined to get her own way, assuring the camera,  "So she's not gonna win this one. Nope."

Emersyn and Mason are newcomers to the Unexpected cast, joining Season 5 alongside returning stars Tyra Boisseau and boyfriend Alex Wilson, Tiarra Boisseau and boyfriend Dee Ragland, Taylor Williams and Noah Whitt, Lilly Bennett and fiancé Lawrence Bishop, Jenna Ronan and ex-boyfriend Aden Albright, and fellow newcomers Kylen Smith and boyfriend Jason Korpi. Unexpected airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.