'Total Divas' Star Lana Reveals What Was Really Behind Her Heated Fight With Paige

Lana and Paige's fight on this season of Total Divas might have started with a disagreement over rooms at their Lake Tahoe vacation home, but it was evident early on that there was more behind the WWE personalities' spat than bedroom assignments.

Prior to the Wednesday, Nov. 28 Season 8 finale of of the E! reality show, CJ "Lana" Perry opened up about the fight and where she stands with Paige now to PopCulture.com.

Watching the fight play out during the Nov. 7 episode of Total Divas was "really hard," Lana admitted, explaining, "Actually to watch it back on screen, I was really nervous. I was getting kind of anxiety about it. It was really hard. It was a really emotional couple of days for me."

Both Paige and herself being "stubborn" was what started the fight, which was prompted by a practical joke by the Bella twins where they told Lana she would once again be sleeping in the worst room in the vacation house in favor of Paige, who would be sharing a luxurious suite with Nia Jax.

"I felt like, over time, so many people were telling me what to do, and I don't do very well when people tell me what to do," Lana told us. "It all started from that, but it really escalated to something much bigger, and I was just devastated."

It was then that the two women took their fight to a more personal level, with Paige saying she hated Lana as a person, which the WWE Superstar said was shocking and devastating to come from someone she considers friend.

"I love Paige, and I've always loved her, and I've supported her," Lana explained. "When she started saying those words, that she hated me, I was devastated. I didn't know that I had hurt her so much. I thought we had moved on and forgiven one another and talked it all out about those issues of the past. I didn't realize
that she still held ... like, there was still resentment."

It was a fight that could have gone on far longer than the ladies' Tahoe trip, but Lana told PopCulture, "I realized I had to forgive her if I ever want her to forgive me or others to forgive me, and that's what life is about, taking responsibility for your actions and forgiving people."

As for her relationship with Paige today? "I think we're much closer, for sure," Lana revealed, adding that she thinks she and the general manager are a lot alike in many ways.

"I think there's a part of us that is very similar, that we're very stubborn," she clarified. "We're very, I hate to say, maybe a little rebellious, but you're not going to tell us what to do. ... And that's why we hit heads."

She continued, "It's always been like that, as long as I've known her, because we're both really, really strong women and opinionated, and we're not scared to stand up for what we believe in, and it might be very polar opposite at times. But I have so much respect for her on that, and I think our friendship is much closer."

For the record, however, Lana isn't brushing off her actions during the Total Divas fight, she told PopCulture.

"I do take responsibility for my actions of being a brat," she copped. "I should have just taken the higher road."


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Photo Credit:WireImage / Daniel Zuchnik