Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott Step out Together Following Reported Nasty Thanksgiving Fight

Tori Spelling and husband Dean McDermott are standing together after the couple reportedly went through a nasty fight over Thanksgiving.

The 90210 actress and her husband stepped out together for WE Tv's Real Love: Relationship Reality TV's Past, Present and Future event, posing for several photos looking happy and in love.

Radar Online reported recently that the couple had a falling out over Thanksgiving over Spelling's career that ended with her kicking McDermott out of the house.

Tori Spelling Dean McDermott
(Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for WE tv)

"Tori and Dean are having a serious problems," a source reportedly told the publication. "It got so bad she kicked him out and he slept at a hotel."

The source added that this isn't uncommon for the couple, who has had a history of ups and downs including McDermott's extramarital affair in 2013, but that this fight appeared to be an escalation of past patterns.

In August, the couple reportedly started counseling for their problems, a source close to the pair told Entertainment Tonight, as they were set on saving their marriage of 12 years for themselves and their five children.

"Tori and Dean are very much in love and have dedicated themselves to improving their marriage. They built a family together and plan on raising their kids as a team. They realized things got completely out of hand when their blowout fights became very public. As painful as that period has been in their life, it was also very eye-opening for them," the source explained.

In March, police were called to the couple's home under the premise of helping someone with "mental illness," as McDermott was reportedly worried about his wife's well-being. Soon after, the couple was reportedly kicked out of a restaurant for fighting publicly.

The source told ET that counseling appeared to be working for the couple, as did starting to get their finances in order.

"Their family dynamic is completely different. Tori loves Dean and wants him to have success," the source said at the time. "She also wants her mother to be happy. She's relied on her mother for help and her mother has always felt Dean needed to contribute. So this is truly a win-win situation."


They continued of Spelling's mental state, "She never gave herself a break. Now she's balancing everything with the help of some extra childcare. Having full-time help is expensive, but taking care of five children on your own is close to impossible."

Photo credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for WE tv