Tori Roloff 'Can Hardly Stand It' With New Photo of Jackson

From the looks of Tori Roloff's social media chronicling her family's life in squares, 1-year-old son, Jackson Kyle is getting cuter by the minute.

The Little People, Big World mom took to Instagram on Tuesday to share a heart-melting snapshot of her only child wearing a Portland Timbers hat while finishing up a snack that raked in the same response from fans of the TLC family.

(Photo: Instagram / @toriroloff)

"You're growing up right before my eyes and I can hardly stand it!" Roloff wrote alongside a heart eyes emoji and heart.

Fans and followers of the 27-year-old took to the comments to express their love for the photo, captured by Roloff herself.

"This little man is just about the cutest guy I have seen! He keeps getting cuter!!" one user wrote.

"So sweet and a spitting image of his Daddy," another added with a smiley face emoticon.

Another fan commented with enthusiasm, telling Roloff how "fabulous" she and her husband, Zach are to their "absolutely adorable" Jackson.

"A mini Zachary for sure! I adore those cheeks and beautiful blue eyes!" they wrote.

With Jackson getting bigger in just about every photograph, the TLC personality has been sharing the absolute sweetest images of her baby boy for months now. This past February she took to the network to share images that she said were, metaphorically, the end of her.

(Photo: Instagram / @toriroloff)

"Okay I'm dead," she wrote of the two snapshots. "If this doesn't break the internet I don't know what will. We are so blessed by this friend. God is soooooo good. How he thought we deserve this fella is something I will never comprehend. Love you so much mister."

Roloff has been open with fans on social media with just about everything that motherhood entails, and a post she shared about motherhood before the holidays was no different.

"One thing I've heard a lot lately on social media, and TV, and even in person has me a little upset...," she began in the Dec. 21 post. "I hear people talking about how 'life is over' when you have a kid. I think this is such a lie."

The first-time mom, who loves spending time with her son, Jackson as evidenced on the social network says she has "found life" after having a child.

"I've found something I can completely pour my soul in to and something that gives me purpose," she said. "I hear people tell others that 'ah it's all over from here'... what is? The fact that I can't stay out all night partying (that's cool my bedtime is 9 anyway)."

She adds that having a kid is "honestly a gift I know I don't deserve from God."


"Life isn't over when you have a kid... it's only just beginning!" she concluded.

Photo credit: Instagram / @toriroloff